Computer repairs and servicing Somerset

Anti Virus

Get it. You need it,...

Back Up

Is your back-up up to date?

Data Recovery

They are only ones and Zeros...But you want them back?


New computer screens, keyboards, memory....


Need more memory? Or a quieter case? How about a larger hard drive?...


Wired or wireless? Don't know your RJ45 from a RS232?...

  • Virus Removal

    17.04.2013 - with approximately 6,000 new viruses released every month make sure you are protected.
  • Back Up

    17.04.2013 -Hard drives can be fragile. When did you last do a back up?
  • Data Recovery

    17.04.2013 - Power failure, Hardware or software failure, Emptied the recycle bin, Virus, the list goes on... . ..
  • Repairs

    01.05.2013 - Broken laptop screen? Need a new keyboard? Fan stopped spinning? Call for advice.
  • Upgrades

    01.05.2013 -Not sure what to upgrade? Or How? Call for free advice..
  • Networking

    01.05.2013 - From broadband set-up to network installations.

Health Checks

Computer Repairs - Somerset

We all appreciate the benifits of getting your car seviced regually. Well the same applies to your computer. Over time it will fill up with unwanted software, dust can cause it to run hotter and louder and programes you have never heard of suddenly appear! Get it serviced now and we will:

Remove Temporary files.
Stop unnecessary programs starting on start-up.
Uninstall any unwanted programmes.
Ensure windows is up to date.
Check you have up to date antivirus protection.
Advise on any upgrade recommendations.
Clean the case, heat sinks, fans and screen.
Create a system repair disc if necessary.
Run a hard disc drive surface scan.
Defragment the hard disc drive.


Why choose Fixed-it?

  • No VAT to pay
  • No minimum charges
  • Hourly rate charges are billed in 15 minute intervals
  • Any hardware required for repairs or upgrades are passed to the client at cost price
  • All work undertaken by a qualified technician
  • Jargon free advice and explanations
  • Free quotations
  • Open and honest pricing structure with no hidden costs