Computer repairs and servicing Somerset

Anti Virus

Get it. You need it,...

Back Up

Is your back-up up to date?

Data Recovery

They are only ones and Zeros...But you want them back?


New computer screens, keyboards, memory....


Need more memory? Or a quieter case? How about a larger hard drive?...


Wired or wireless? Don't know your RJ45 from a RS232?...

  • Virus Removal

    17.04.2013 - with approximately 6,000 new viruses released every month make sure you are protected.
  • Back Up

    17.04.2013 -Hard drives can be fragile. When did you last do a back up?
  • Data Recovery

    17.04.2013 - Power failure, Hardware or software failure, Emptied the recycle bin, Virus, the list goes on... . ..
  • Repairs

    01.05.2013 - Broken laptop screen? Need a new keyboard? Fan stopped spinning? Call for advice.
  • Upgrades

    01.05.2013 -Not sure what to upgrade? Or How? Call for free advice..
  • Networking

    01.05.2013 - From broadband set-up to network installations.

Computer Upgrades

Computer Repairs - Somerset

Before you spend a lot of money on a new computer check to see if a cheeper upgrade will achieve what you want. If you are unsure if an upgrade will do the trick, feel free to call us for advice.

If things seem a little slow maybe you would benifit from a memory upgrade.

Hard drive filling up? You could replace it with a larger one, add another drive or get an external solution.

Games not playing too well? Upgrade the graphics card.

Monitor not as good as it used to be? Get a bigger and better one. Or if you work with lots of windows open add a second or even third monitor.

But with such a large selection of components available which one is right for you? Fixed-it are happy to discuss your requirements and make recommendations. We will only recommend components by quality manufacturers with a good guarantee.

A site visit may be required to check system compatability. Fixed-it


Why choose Fixed-it?

  • No VAT to pay
  • No minimum charges
  • Hourly rate charges are billed in 15 minute intervals
  • Any hardware required for repairs or upgrades are passed to the client at cost price
  • All work undertaken by a qualified technician
  • Jargon free advice and explanations
  • Free quotations
  • Open and honest pricing structure with no hidden costs